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Greg S. Baker

I am a relationship expert with over twenty years of pastoring and counseling experience. I have a passion for marriages, relationships and the written word. I’ve tried through the years to focus my ministry on delving deeply into the art of building and strengthening families.

I am happily married to my sweetheart, Liberty. We have four children–all boys–Dalen, Kyle, Owen, and Jacen. I grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona area, where I currently reside. I pastored from 1999 until 2012 in Greeley, Colorado. But now I mostly enjoy my family, my work, writing and playing sports.

I try to center everything I do around God and Jesus Christ. I believe that the principles found in the Word of God are more than cute platitudes and old fashioned ideas. For nearly twenty years of my adult life, I have rigorously put them to the test, not only in my own life, but in my preaching, counseling, and writing. I have come away firmly believing in these principles and their ability to repair relationships, strengthen marriages, find meaning in life, and discover a close personal walk with God.

My books mostly focus on four main areas: relationships, doctrine, inspiration, and fiction. My goal with these books and resources is to strengthen Christ honoring relationships. I make no apology for the Christian perspective that all of these resources incorporate. They work, so they need no apology.

At the heart of every relationship should be the Divine Ingredient that brings gives your life that satisfying flavor and aroma you always wanted. Therefore, everything here, even the novels and budget program, are designed with the Divine Ingredient in mind to help build relationships and strengthen your life.


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