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The grace of God is divine help
24 April 2017

What Exactly Is the Grace of God?

What exactly is the grace of God? Is it unmerited favor? Is it divine luck? Is it something else? Grace is much more than what most christians think it is.

Greg Baker
tithe, giving, and offering
20 April 2017

What is the Difference between the Christian Tithe, Offering, and Alm?

Giving is an important aspect of the Christian life. Money represents both your life and where your heart is. If you earn 10 dollars an hour then a 10 dollar bill represents one hour of your life. When you give that same 10 dollars to God, you have, in fact, given God 1 hour of your life. This is why giving for the Christian is so important.

Greg Baker
The Divine Ingredient will change your life
15 April 2017

Adding the Divine Ingredient into the Recipe of Life

The Divine Ingredient is the mixing of God’s Divine Nature into your heart, mind, and relationships. This connects you to God’s Divine Power and then adds the euphoric taste of God’s goodness into your life.

Greg Baker