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Backslidden Christians
04 May 2017

Are We To Avoid Backslidden Christians?

Does the Bible command us to avoid backslidden Christians? Many think so, but what about the command to restore the fallen? What should Christians do?

Greg Baker
Rejected, hated, and depressed
28 April 2017

Why Everyone Hates You

Rejection is one of the leading causes of depression. Most of the reasons we are rejected, however, has more to do with our own misconceptions.

Greg Baker
Burying a Bad Past and forgiving yourself
21 April 2017

How to Bury a Bad Past

The greatest problem with a bad past is not that you made mistakes or did things wrong. It is that you can't go back and undo it. That is the most frustrating part about guilt and regrets. We are hands on people. We want to fix mistakes and right wrongs. But once the moment has slipped into the past, what's done is done. We can't go back and undo or even redo it. That is the problem. Since we are people of action, letting your past go is dependent on some sort of action that we can take. There is, fortunately, something we can do.

Greg Baker
emotionally mature and immature
20 April 2017

Why Some People Never Emotionally Mature

Emotional immaturity is the result of or a combination of the following: emotional trauma as a child or young person or never having had to accept responsibility for one's own actions. These two things are the primary source of emotional immaturity. Combined, they reflect a troubled individual and personality that needs to either heal or mature properly.

Greg Baker