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Do You Want a God You Can Understand?
23 June 2017

Why You Don’t Want a God You Can Completely Understand

Perhaps a better question would be why would you want a God you could completely understand?  It is so you can feel equal to God? So that His decisions would be more palatable to you? So that you could relate better, or perhaps so you do not need to trust Him.

Greg Baker
Why Does God Hate Me?
02 June 2017

Why Does God Hate Me?

If you are asking the question, “Why does God hate me?”, then probably you are looking at your life, the circumstances you’ve found yourself in, your relationships, your financial situation, or your health and you don’t like it. People who think this way usually face traumatic events or situations that, when compared to other people around them, seem to be unfair. Since they can’t see why they have to struggle and others do not, they can only see one explanation. God must hate them.

Greg Baker
Who Created God?
30 May 2017

Who Created God?

You have questions about God. You aren’t alone. In fact, the number one search in the United States of people who have questions about God is: Who created God? Since each of us has a beginning, we have a hard time conceiving of a being with none. In fact, it is easier to comprehend no end (who likes to consider their own mortality?) than it is to understand no beginning.

Greg Baker
God does miracles for you and me
16 May 2017

Why God Doesn’t Just Do Miracles All The Time For Everyone?

If God would simply do miracles all the time for everyone, then there would be no question of His existence. Wouldn't everyone be a believer? As good as that sounds, there is a very good reason why God doesn't seem to do miracles all the time for everyone. Miracles do not produce faith. In fact, it is faith that produces miracles.

Greg Baker
The Divine Nature of God
23 April 2017

The Eternal Nature of God

The eternal nature of God cannot be expressed by mere mortals. We are bound to time, but God is not. He sees all of time, past and future, as the present.

Greg Baker
The Divine Ingredient will change your life
15 April 2017

Adding the Divine Ingredient into the Recipe of Life

The Divine Ingredient is the mixing of God’s Divine Nature into your heart, mind, and relationships. This connects you to God’s Divine Power and then adds the euphoric taste of God’s goodness into your life.

Greg Baker