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How to Overcome Bad Habits and Bad Character
01 June 2017

How to Overcome Bad Habits and Bad Character

One of the hardest things you'll do in life is overcome a bad habit. The key to overcoming bad habits or bad character is self accountability. If a person isn't held accountable, there is little motivation to change. And a person accountable is a responsible person. Therefore, a responsible person is always viewed as a mature person.

Greg Baker
Bible Love Quotes
29 May 2017

Top 18 Bible Love Quotes With Commentary

These 18 Bible love quotes will give you fuller understanding of love and how it can be better applied to your life and relationships.

Greg Baker
How to Find True Happiness
27 May 2017

How to Find True Happiness

Everyone can find true happiness if they want. Most people just go about it the wrong way and end up miserable and unhappy. It's time to change that.

Greg Baker
Setting Life's priorities
11 May 2017

How to Get Life’s Priorities Right

How do you prioritize the important things in your life? What priorities come first? What is the proper thinking when setting your life's priorities?

Greg Baker
Three Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship
08 May 2017

The Three Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

No matter what type of relationship you have--marriage, family, or friends--to have a functioning, healthy relationship you need three ingredients that are essential to the success of that relationship.

Greg Baker
Being Lied To
04 May 2017

How to Handle Being Lied To

Someone lied to you. It hurt. But now what? How do you handle being lied to, particularly by someone you love and perhaps once trusted?

Greg Baker
Gain Someone's Trust
03 May 2017

How To Gain Someone’s Trust

It is much harder to gain someone's trust than it is to lose it. Gaining someone's trust can be done with some effort and understanding.

Greg Baker
Building Good Character
27 April 2017

How to Build Good Character

Building good character is about addition, not subtraction. Too often, we try improving ourselves by focusing on what should be cut instead of what to add.

Greg Baker
what is humility?
25 April 2017

What Is Humility and How to Get It

What is humility? And how do you get it? Humility can't be found by trying to be humble. Humility can only be found when you are focused on something else.

Greg Baker