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How to Help Someone With a Broken Heart
08 June 2017

How to Help Someone With a Broken Heart

It can be agonizing to watch a friend or loved one suffer through a broken heart. However, there are things that we can do to help them through it. Now if you did the heartbreaking, that would be an altogether different situation. If you broke someone's heart accidentally, you can probably help the healing process with a heartfelt apology and doing everything in your power to make up for the wrong. If you did it intentionally, for whatever reason, the odds are unless you think you made a mistake and try to fix it, everything you do will only add to the other person's pain.

Greg Baker
Bible Love Quotes
29 May 2017

Top 18 Bible Love Quotes With Commentary

These 18 Bible love quotes will give you fuller understanding of love and how it can be better applied to your life and relationships.

Greg Baker
Dealing with Regrets
19 May 2017

How to Deal With Regrets

We all have regrets, but how do you live with them? What can I do to overcome these regrets in my life? Is there a way to live with them or get rid of them?

Greg Baker
Is Jealousy Wrong?
17 May 2017

Is Jealousy Normal?

We are taught that jealousy is wrong. Indeed, it often leads to disastrous results. But is it normal? Or is it the result of some wrong thinking or the result of wrong decisions?

Greg Baker
Three Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship
08 May 2017

The Three Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

No matter what type of relationship you have--marriage, family, or friends--to have a functioning, healthy relationship you need three ingredients that are essential to the success of that relationship.

Greg Baker
Prevent Broken Heart
07 May 2017

How to Prevent a Broken Heart

If there could be a way to prevent that sinking feeling and cold chill you get when someone betrays you, would you do it? If you could guarantee that you'd never again have to suffer a sleepless night or cry yourself to sleep again, would that interest you? Having a broken heart is all too common. Everyone suffers it in some form or fashion. But is there a way to prevent it?

Greg Baker
Unconditional Love
05 May 2017

Defining Unconditional Love

The common definition of unconditional love is to love someone no matter what they do, but that is not correct. It is something else altogether.

Greg Baker
jealous, envy, covetous
02 May 2017

The Difference Between Jealousy, Covetousness, and Envy

What is the difference between jealousy, covetousness, and envy? The Bible says that we are not to covet (Exodus 20:7; Psalms 119:36), but God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5; Deuteronomy 4:24). Is there a different type of jealousy that is okay? And what about envy? Is envy different than covetousness?

Greg Baker
Love is not enough
25 April 2017

Why Love is Not Enough

Does love conquer all? If so, then why is the divorce rate so high? Love is not enough. Relationships need more than love--love is just a good start.

Greg Baker