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Ten Principles of a Successful Marriage
26 April 2017

Ten Principles of a Successful Marriage

A successful marriage does not happen by accident. If it is successful, it is because it was done deliberately. No two people who have different perspectives, different likes and dislikes, different attitudes, and different desires are going to work together unless it is done deliberately. The following principles are what goes into creating a successful Christian marriage. Here are the Ten Principles for a successful marriage.

Greg Baker
Love is not enough
25 April 2017

Why Love is Not Enough

Does love conquer all? If so, then why is the divorce rate so high? Love is not enough. Relationships need more than love--love is just a good start.

Greg Baker
Dangers of sex outside of marriage
23 April 2017

The Dangers of Sex Outside of Marriage

Simply because something has become more acceptable to society as a whole doesn't make it either right or without consequences. There are very real dangers that are associated with sex before and outside of marriage.

Greg Baker
submission and love are the same thing
22 April 2017

Who Is Supposed to Submit in a Marriage?

Ephesians 5:22 commands the wife to submit to her husband while Ephesians 5:25 commands the husband to love his wife. But are these two separate things? Is it only the wife who is supposed to submit? I don't think so.

Greg Baker
immature marriage attitudes
22 April 2017

Ten Attitudes of an Immature Marriage

Marriage, or any true relationship for that matter, is much more complicated than we figured when we first married. Most couples get married without knowing anything about marriage except the example that their parents set. We walk into marriage with a set of attitudes that are mostly immature. Hopefully, we outgrow them in time, but knowing what these attitudes are can help us to grow our marriage.

Greg Baker
sins of a husband, unhappy marriage
21 April 2017

Ten Greatest Sins of a Husband

The ten most common mistakes that husbands make in their marriages. If husbands will focus on even a few of these and make them better, their marriage will improve dramatically.

Greg Baker
why men have a hard time communicating
20 April 2017

Why Men Have a Hard Time Communicating

There are many factors that explain why men often struggle to communicate. Not every man thinks the same way, and not every man will feel that what I say here fits him exactly. There are men who are great communicators, but by in large, the general complaint I hear from wives is: "We never talk!"

Greg Baker
unrealistic expectations
20 April 2017

Unrealistic Expectations – The Downfall of Any Relationship

Everyone has expectations. In marriage, we enter it expecting certain things. No one looks at someone else and says, "If I marry you, I'll be so utterly miserable. Will you marry me?" No we expect things. We expect our mate to be faithful to us. We expect our spouse to love us. We expect our friends to back us up. We expect things from the government, from our boss, from our coworkers, and from life itself. We are full of expectations. But what happens when our expectations are unrealistic?

Greg Baker
winning someone's heart
19 April 2017

How To Win Someone’s Heart

Ever tried to penetrate the tough guy facade? Or been turned away by the 'I don't need you or anyone else' face? Have you tried to reason with a rebellious teenager? There is a secret to winning someone's heart.

Greg Baker