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Healthy Relationship Ingredients

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Security is the secret to a wife's happiness
15 April 2017

The Secret To A Wife’s Happiness That Shouldn’t Be A Secret

Although it is impossible to lump every woman—or man—into a single category, in the decade that I have been counseling marriages, I have found that the vast majority of women who struggle in their marriage all lack the same ingredient. It seems to be a secret to most men as to what this ingredient is and, strangely, most women can’t put a finger on it either, they just know something is wrong. It’s a secret that shouldn’t be a secret.

Greg Baker
A happy marriage is within your grasp
15 April 2017

What Does It Take To Have A Happy Marriage?

Is there some magic formula? Do you have to be talented, intelligent, well spoken, successful, or is it merely increasing your love for your spouse? Do you need a special skill set? Find out if you have what it takes to have a happy marriage.

Greg Baker
The Divine Ingredient will change your life
15 April 2017

Adding the Divine Ingredient into the Recipe of Life

The Divine Ingredient is the mixing of God’s Divine Nature into your heart, mind, and relationships. This connects you to God’s Divine Power and then adds the euphoric taste of God’s goodness into your life.

Greg Baker
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