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The Christian Philosophy of Marriage
21 May 2017

The Christian Philosophy of Marriage

Your acceptance of what marriage is will dictate how you approach nearly every aspect of the relationship. One way to define the term "philosophy" is the perspective of values attributed to a given subject. In other words, a philosophy is the meaning and purpose of something. So depending on your philosophy of marriage, your attitudes, your feelings, and your actions will be dictated by it.

Greg Baker
Dealing with Regrets
19 May 2017

How to Deal With Regrets

We all have regrets, but how do you live with them? What can I do to overcome these regrets in my life? Is there a way to live with them or get rid of them?

Greg Baker
Making the Marriage Work
18 May 2017

The Only Marriage That Can’t Be Saved

To make a marriage work, many things must go right. But with all the problems that can happen in a marriage, only one type of marriage can't be saved.

Greg Baker
Is Jealousy Wrong?
17 May 2017

Is Jealousy Normal?

We are taught that jealousy is wrong. Indeed, it often leads to disastrous results. But is it normal? Or is it the result of some wrong thinking or the result of wrong decisions?

Greg Baker
dynamic christian family
16 May 2017

The Dynamics of a Christ Centered Family

God built the family to function in a particular way. When we know the roles, influences, and dynamics of God's plan, everything in the family works better.

Greg Baker
Words Define Us
14 May 2017

Your Words Define You More Than Your Actions Do

We think that our actions define us more than our words. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Our actions are important, but our actions are psychologically used to judge the truth of our words, and judging the truth of our words is an act of judging who you are as a person. Be careful what you say.

Greg Baker
Transferring Values to Your Children
11 May 2017

Transferring Your Values To Your Children

Every parent wants their values to be transferred to their children, but many parents seem to be reluctant to impose these values out of some fear.

Greg Baker
Why a Wife Worries More
10 May 2017

Why a Wife Worries More About the Marriage

Typically, a wife worries more about the marriage. Anytime I do marriage counseling, I require the couple to privately rate their marriage between 0 and 10 -- zero being hell on earth and ten being heaven on earth. Almost without fail, the wife will put down a lower number than her husband. Often, the disparity between the numbers is large. She will put down a zero or a one and he will put down a seven or an eight.

Greg Baker
Overcoming Hypocrisy
09 May 2017

Overcoming Your Hypocrisy With Your Children

At some point, your children will begin to recognize the hypocrisy in your life. In truth, we all are hypocrites to some degree or another. Most people will admit that they believe in their hearts that something is wrong, yet haven't found the character or desire to stop doing it themselves.

Greg Baker
Let Your Teenager Disagree With You
09 May 2017

How to Let Your Teenager Disagree With You

There is some debate over whether or not you should allow your teenager to disagree with you. I'm of the mind that if the teenager doesn't have a platform to voice his or her disagreements, you could isolate your teenager from you in a way that you would not like.

Greg Baker
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