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Healthy Relationship Ingredients

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The Selfish Martyr in Relationships
07 June 2017

The Selfish Martyr in Relationships

Many relationships have someone who believes they give more than the other person to the relationship. This person can become a selfish martyr.

Greg Baker
Why Children Abandon Their Parent's Values
04 June 2017

Why Children Grow Up and Abandon Their Parent’s Values

It is amazing how many stories I hear of children -- even in good Christian homes -- that grow up to abandon everything they were taught, abandon church, abandon the values, morals and standards their parents hold to and jump pell-mell into a life that ends up consuming them -- much like the story of the Prodigal Son. I'm glad the Prodigal Son came back; I just wish he would've never left to begin with.

Greg Baker
dynamic christian family
16 May 2017

The Dynamics of a Christ Centered Family

God built the family to function in a particular way. When we know the roles, influences, and dynamics of God's plan, everything in the family works better.

Greg Baker
Transferring Values to Your Children
11 May 2017

Transferring Your Values To Your Children

Every parent wants their values to be transferred to their children, but many parents seem to be reluctant to impose these values out of some fear.

Greg Baker
Overcoming Hypocrisy
09 May 2017

Overcoming Your Hypocrisy With Your Children

At some point, your children will begin to recognize the hypocrisy in your life. In truth, we all are hypocrites to some degree or another. Most people will admit that they believe in their hearts that something is wrong, yet haven't found the character or desire to stop doing it themselves.

Greg Baker
Let Your Teenager Disagree With You
09 May 2017

How to Let Your Teenager Disagree With You

There is some debate over whether or not you should allow your teenager to disagree with you. I'm of the mind that if the teenager doesn't have a platform to voice his or her disagreements, you could isolate your teenager from you in a way that you would not like.

Greg Baker
Essential Need in a Relationship
08 May 2017

The Three Essential Needs of Any Relationship

Every person needs to have three essential needs met in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied. If you meet these needs, your relationships will be stronger.

Greg Baker
Three Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship
08 May 2017

The Three Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

No matter what type of relationship you have--marriage, family, or friends--to have a functioning, healthy relationship you need three ingredients that are essential to the success of that relationship.

Greg Baker
Prevent Broken Heart
07 May 2017

How to Prevent a Broken Heart

If there could be a way to prevent that sinking feeling and cold chill you get when someone betrays you, would you do it? If you could guarantee that you'd never again have to suffer a sleepless night or cry yourself to sleep again, would that interest you? Having a broken heart is all too common. Everyone suffers it in some form or fashion. But is there a way to prevent it?

Greg Baker
Christian Fiction
04 May 2017

Should Christians Read Fiction?

As a novelist, I am probably biased when it comes to the answer to this question. I think fiction is a legitimate and impactful medium to convey truth. and I have written my own novels to do just that.

Greg Baker