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Handling Stress with a Sense of Humor
11 June 2017

Tackling Stress With a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is essential for handling the stresses of life. The ability to find something funny in life is a key feature to discovering joy in a sometimes rather dreary world. Laughter allows you to bleed tension out of your mind and body. It allows you to deal with difficult situations.

Greg Baker
How to Overcome Bad Habits and Bad Character
01 June 2017

How to Overcome Bad Habits and Bad Character

One of the hardest things you'll do in life is overcome a bad habit. The key to overcoming bad habits or bad character is self accountability. If a person isn't held accountable, there is little motivation to change. And a person accountable is a responsible person. Therefore, a responsible person is always viewed as a mature person.

Greg Baker
Building Good Character
27 April 2017

How to Build Good Character

Building good character is about addition, not subtraction. Too often, we try improving ourselves by focusing on what should be cut instead of what to add.

Greg Baker