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heaven or hell?
18 April 2017

How to Be 100% Sure You Are Going to Heaven

If you believe there is a God, then you probably have a desire to go to Heaven when you die. But can you know for sure? Yes, you absolutely can. Just as we want our own children to be 100% sure of our love and care, God too wants you to have the same confidence and assurance. This simple explanation will be logical and straight forward. If nothing else, you will see the love of God manifested for you, and how amazing that love is.

Greg Baker
The Divine Ingredient will change your life
15 April 2017

Adding the Divine Ingredient into the Recipe of Life

The Divine Ingredient is the mixing of God’s Divine Nature into your heart, mind, and relationships. This connects you to God’s Divine Power and then adds the euphoric taste of God’s goodness into your life.

Greg Baker
2 Peter 1
15 April 2017

2 Peter 1:3-10

What is the Divine Ingredient? 2 Peter 1:3-10 tells us that it is when the Divine Nature of God mixes with your heart and mind […]

Greg Baker