Why God Doesn't Just Do Miracles All The Time For Everyone?


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God does miracles for you and me

If God would simply do miracles all the time for everyone, then there would be no question of His existence. Wouldn’t everyone be a believer? As good as that sounds, there is a very good reason why God doesn’t seem to do miracles all the time for everyone. Miracles do not produce faith. In fact, it is faith that produces miracles.

Miracles Are Only Miracles If They Are Not Commonplace

In fact, God does do miracles all the time for everyone. But because they are common everyday events, predictable and therefore counted upon, we have simply reduced these common everyday miracles to a natural law of science or tagged it as a postulate, a theorem, or formula. Many of the common everyday occurrences can’t really be explained as to “why” and even often as to “how,” but because they occur at such a predictable and regular rate, we come to believe that God has nothing to do with it. It is just a natural law — we’ll figure the “hows” and “whys” out someday.

For example, we know how a fetus forms, how the cells divide, how they multiply, how DNA structures the arms, hair color, and so forth. We just don’t know why it works. We don’t know how a person is infused with a spirit, a personality, and a soul. And we don’t know so many things. But because birth is such a common, everyday occurrence, we no longer actually see it as being miraculous.

Let me explain it another way. Let’s say that everyone who ever gets in a car accident, not only walks away from it, but also walks away without a scratch — regardless of speed, impact, or severity of the crash. It wouldn’t take long for a formula to be written to describe this phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long before seat belts were unnecessary, speed limits obsolete, and safety laws irrelevant. And it would be such a common, everyday, predictable thing that it would cease be miraculous in our eyes. Get in a car accident, you walk away — that’s just the way it is.

Faith Is How You Interact With Miracles

Faith, however, allows us to interact with God. This interaction allows us to experience miraculous events outside the realm of science or outside the common and the predictable. Through faith, we can have common everyday miracles that others never experience, but because of the interaction with God through faith, we never lose sight of the fact that it is indeed a miracle!

There are so many things in my life that are unexplainable. I witness God’s miracles on a regular basis, and because of my faith, I recognize it for what it is — a miracle!


So God does perform miracles for everyone all the time. But most of these miracles are dismissed or reduced down to a formula or natural law. That formula, that description of a miracle, is a miracle in itself. Change a single variable any direction and you get a different result. The consistency of nature is a miracle that is often overlooked. Is it not a miracle that we have these laws of nature? Without them, life couldn’t exist. How did they come about in such perfect harmony? Change one and you invariably change them all — and nothing would work. Is this not a miracle? Remove gravity and what would happen to everything else?

The key is still faith (Matthew 17:20). Our faith allows us a measured interaction with God. Through our faith we experience God, we understand God, and we interact with God. Without faith, miracles are not perceived to be miracles and so it would not, in the eyes of an unbeliever, prove God’s existence at all.

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