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Prevent Broken Heart

If there could be a way to prevent that sinking feeling and cold chill you get when someone betrays you, would you do it? If you could guarantee that you’d never again have to suffer a sleepless night or cry yourself to sleep again, would that interest you? Having a broken heart is all too common. Everyone suffers it in some form or fashion. But is there a way to prevent it?


The only sure way to prevent a broken heart is to isolate yourself 100% from every human being on the planet. Since it will be people who break your heart, that only makes sense. However, attempting to stay away from people, leads to an even greater problem:

A cold heart.


Without a doubt it will always be better to suffer a broken heart than to have a cold heart. With a cold heart, you may never experience the pain of a broken heart, but you will never find the joy that relationships were meant to bring.

If you interact with people at all, you’ll wind up having your heart broken at some stage of your life. This is because loving people makes you vulnerable to them. The more people you love, the more likely you’ll have your heart broken. Think about it: the people who have hurt you the most are also the people you claim to have loved the most.

Strangers can’t hurt you like a spouse can, or a parent can, or a child can, or a friend can. It is the people who you have surrounded yourself with, who you have chosen to love, who have the greatest capacity to hurt you. So, you’ll get hurt. It may be intentionally or unintentionally, but hurt you shall be.

The alternative is to never love anyone, never interact with people, or become a hermit or something. The problem with doing that is you develop a cold heart. Never loving people means your heart is cold. A cold heart does more damage to your thinking, your outlook on life, and your enjoyment of life than a broken heart can ever do.

I would rather love and have my heart broken than never love and never have my heart broken.

The ramifications of a cold heart far outweigh the ramifications of a broken heart. If I love plenty of people, I will always have people to resort to when someone else breaks my heart. I can heal quicker from a broken heart than a person can heal from a cold heart.

God, I believe, meant for us to have enjoyment from the relationships in our life. Material wealth is not the source of happiness and joy that God intended for us to have. It is within those relationships that God gives us that we find the ability to love life. To isolate yourself from those relationships leaves you empty, cold, and alone. You’ll hate life if you attempt to so isolate yourself that you never have a broken heart again.

Those are your choices. Of the two, a broken heart is so much more preferable than a cold one. A broken heart can be mended, but a cold heart has no heat source to heat it up.

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